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What's In My Paramedic Uniform

Left to right: ID badge, stethoscope, radio clip, shears/tough cuts, lip balm, tourniquet,  alcohol gel and clip, pens and pen torch.

Here are my uniform essentials! Read on for where I position these items and the bits I did not include on the photo.

ID Badge
I put this on my collarbone where the loops are, you need your ID badge as ID (obviously) but also to get into the buildings. On your first shift you will need to tap it against the keypad and it will beep to let you in! Just a side note, some ambulance stations have really funny locks on them, so to get out, you may have to turn a grey knob to get yourself out (better to know than not!).

I use this Littman III Cardiology stethoscope (in orange, as you can see) and it is great because it's head twists to hear more sensitive sounds. I generally keep my steth in my knee pockets, however I have two points to make. Firstly, keeping it in your pocket can slightly disfigure it or it can get caught on things (so be caref…

A Brutally Honest Day in the Life as an NQP

Here is a brutally honest review of my first day on the road as an NQP (not third manning). I definitely was not expecting it to start off how it did, but the day still went well. Enjoy! 5am - Alarm went off. Early mornings are not too bad for me anymore, I had got very used to getting up at 4.15am for my 6am starts and hour commute so 5am basically feels like a lie-in nowadays. I got up, got dressed, kitted my pockets with the masses of stuff I hold in my pockets and put the kettle on. I made mine and my boyfriends breakfast, packing mine in my bag (yogurt, fruit and oats) and sipped my tea. I retreated upstairs to put on some make-up, brush my hair and teeth and pack my bag. 6am - Left for work, very nervous. Since I found out I was on this shift I had been nervous in case I was working with someone entirely unqualified that I could not bat ideas off. I tried to calm my nerves with some music on my 45 minute drive to station.6.45am - Arrived at my station. I really like this satellit…

BSc Paramedic Science - Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2

Here is another post about the questions I get the most from my Instagram! I really appreciate all of your interactions and love our student paramedic community. Thank you for your continued support. On with the questions!

What is your name?
My name is Danii, short for Daniiella (and no - I did not spell it wrong... My parents blessed me with a uniquely spelt name which was definitely character building as a child!).

Why did you choose this route?
I am not sure if I have told my story about wanting to be a paramedic before, but anyway it is not that interesting. As a child I always loved science, especially medicine. I was the weird kid that would read all the health leaflets found in random places from smoking and cancers to meningitis and malaria (and freak myself out sometimes too). I was fascinated with different illnesses. My parents were both in the police force, with specialities, so I grew up with them working erratic shifts with lots of days on and a few days off. They made the…

Current Favourite Medical Television Shows

As a student paramedic, I cannot say that I get much time to watch television. In the evening when I do get a chance, I'm normally snoozing on the sofa within 30 seconds anyway, to be woken up by the end credits before taking myself to bed. Here are the shows that I often find myself watching or coming back to when I have the time. I generally use my lunch break, when I am at home, to watch half or a whole show, as a bit of a wind down from doing work.

Ski A&E - Sky (originally W) (maybe YouTube)?
I am a skiing bum (if you did not know) so of course I love Ski A&E! It is interesting to see how they rescue on the slopes and how their medical centres run with a large number of patients coming in. It shows a mixture of tourists being unlucky and/or stupid and other problems. I would definitely recommend this show, especially if you ski better than you walk (like me)!

Losing it: Our Mental Health Emergency - Channel 4 This is a four part documentary about a mental health service…

A Game-Changer in Passive Income/Rewards

Hello, just a pre-word, if you are not the kind of person interested in earning a passive income/rewards, this is not the post for you, and I would suggest you come back next week for another student paramedic post. This, however, is SUCH a game-changer, especially if you are using your laptop for looking at research, journal articles etc (at a minimum).

So, if you are interested in earning free gift vouchers, PS4/Xbox/PS classic games, electronic gadgets/apps or donating to charity - this is the app for you!

What is it and how does it work?
I've been using Gener8for the past few months and I'm hoping this platform continues to grow because I already love it so much! Basically, Gener8 is an extension from chrome/moxilla which swaps the ads you see for their own ads (which you can customise to what you are in interested in by a short quiz) and every time you see them they award you with tokens. I also use the new tab extension too which earns me extra tokens! It currently works …

Paediatrics - Hospital Placement Reviews

I am back with another hospital placement review! I am a third year student now and we have to do five weeks of out-of-ambulance placement this year, which includes paediatrics! I was placed in the children's assessment unit at my local hospital, here is what I saw, found and learnt!

I contacted my placement provider two or three months before I was due to start placement, about a month in advance, the lady who is the student coordinator sent me the dates that she was working that week so that I would definitely be placed with her. She gave me Monday, Wednesday and Saturday which was a little odd as I am used to working consecutive days, however it was actually really helpful as on those days off I was able to work and catch up on life things (and sleep as I had just come off Scout camp and was completely exhausted). I arranged for my boyfriend to take me in on his way to work because hospital parking is always a total nightmare for staff, and really expensive for patien…

Paramedic Science Interview Question Examples Part 1

I am a third (and final) year Paramedic Science student who helps at interview days and (back in the day) attended five interview days and got five offers! Here are examples of what you *might* be asked during your Paramedic Science interview. Sorry if none of these come up, please let me know what you get asked so we can give the future generation an idea of what to expect! These questions apply to MMIs (multiple mini interviews), individual and group interviews and also written literacy tests.

Generic Questions
- What is your perception of the role of a paramedic?
- How is it best to deal with conflict (between crew mates/supervisors/managers etc)?
- What is something that is currently affecting the profession (anything recent in the news)?
- What is professionalism?
- What is teamwork?
- What do you understand about patient confidentiality?
- How would you deal with difficult patients/angry relatives?
- What areas do you know of that paramedics work in/how is the ambulance service c…

My Goals for the Rest of the Academic Year

I am a third year Paramedic Science student, stuff has never felt more real than being in the year that I *should* graduate in. I am terrified. Let's jump in to what I want to achieve this year (which might give you some

Pass my degree
In all honesty, I have got to the point (that I'm sure most people get to during their Paramedic Science degree) where I just want to pass my degree, I will take any grade that will make me a paramedic this year. Dramatic but desperately true.

Feel confident going into my OSCE
It seems that every practical exam I sit, I go in and come out more of a state than the past. This year I pledge to myself that I will be more prepared as I will start consolidating my notes and learning earlier and I will start revising that information earlier.

Stay on top of my dissertation
So here is the thing, basically once we have our dissertation and final essay in we can finish uni and enjoy the rest of our summer, and I did not really get a summer holiday last year …

An honest update of my paramedic science journey

As many of you know, I am a third year paramedic science student. It is now 2020 and whilst everyone on my social media feeds is seeming optimistic for the future, I feel quite the opposite. This is the year that I hope to graduate in. I say this quite negatively, but I guess that is honestly how I currently feel about my degree. I am not sure how I should feel about my degree, but I am aware that my boyfriend never had this level of anxiety and self-doubt during his studies and I am not sure this is how someone should feel during their degree, especially one which is vocational and will lead me directly to my future job.
This may sound like I hate paramedicine - but actually it's far from it. I really enjoy being a (student) paramedic, the practice, learning and people, but its all the bits that you do not expect from your degree that I do not enjoy:  - The fear of getting a bad mark in an essay that accounts for 100% of a module or even worse, failing a module and having to reta…

How I Survive University - Financially

Regularly I get questions on Instagram regarding working and earning money whilst being at university, especially when it comes to working alongside placement. Here is how I have made and continue to make enough money to survive university.

Student Finance
If you are taking out a tuition fee loan then you may as well get a maintenance loan too. My lecturer described student loan repayments as a tax as you are unlikely to ever pay your student loan back fully, and you only repay a small percentage each month. I started my first year without a maintenance loan, and decided in roughly March that I could do with it. I applied for the last term and to my surprise, received the whole yearly amount in a one-off payment! Since then I have used my parents information to receive a means-tested loan, however I do not receive much unfortunately. My parents earn enough money that I receive very little maintenance loan, and as I am not supplemented by my parents and I do not live with them, I have t…

BSc Paramedic Science - Frequently Asked Questions 2018/19 - Part 1

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that I received in the academic year 2018/19. I am so lucky to have such an interested and enthusiastic Instagram follower base, so this is where these questions come from as it is the best way to get hold of me! If you have any questions, please always feel free to send me a message!

What year are you in and where do you study?
Originally I was going to keep this on the down-low, however as every university is different it is probably quite helpful to let you guys know. I study at Anglia Ruskin University and I am now in Year 3, although these questions were asked when I was in Year 2!

How do your ambulance placements work? Do you get paid?
With the university route, you do not get paid unless you do a sandwich (placement) year, and I am not sure if any universities do that anymore (I know University of Hertfordshire used to but does not anymore). As you may not have your blue-light driving qualification and you are not employed by t…