Introduction and Thoughts Regarding Uni

Hello. I am a paramedic science student, living at home. I have recently completed my first term of university and this is a collection of my thoughts.

University is an incredible place. I am lucky to attend a small uni which means that the experience is more personal. It is 30 minutes from where I live, making living at home and transportation relatively easy. My course is a larger cohort for the subject, with 80 students in lectures and 40 students in labs. I understand that this is far smaller than regular science courses, but we are the largest healthcare cohort in the uni. My cohort is diverse, formed of 18 year olds who are fresh out of school, those who already have a degree in another subject area and parents with children. It is interesting having such a wide range of opinions and experiences because everyone brings something different to the table. In the lecture hall you find love, conflict, laughter and tears. This course hits everyone differently at different times.

I am still at the stage where occasionally I say to myself 'I can't believe I'm actually at university!'. Being a paramedic has been my dream job since I was younger, people always persuading me to take a better career path or paid job. I always came back to being a paramedic, I think it is in my blood. That does not change the self doubt and anxiety that comes with the degree though. As I said earlier, people get hit with different emotions at different times. After a close friend/relative of mine being admitted to hospital during our break, I have found my emotional level to be slightly off the rails. The doubt kicks in: how will I be able to go to a heartbreaking job and hold myself together? I am still trying to figure that out. Other moments of self doubt: how will I ever be able to remember all of this? How will I be able to control drunk, drugged or aggressive patients? How will I be able to tell a parent, relative or friend that their love one has died? Again, all of these questions are left unanswered, but I do know that university does provide you with the tools to answer these questions. Pick up as many tools as you can by using everything provided and you are halfway there.

There is parts of the degree I love, and parts I hate. My fascination of diseases and illnesses is helpful when learning topics covered by patient assessment modules as enjoying something makes it so much easier to remember! Writing essays comparing non-medical papers regarding education? Not as enjoyable. The degree becomes a lifestyle, rather than something you learn to forget after you have completed an exam on it. You begin questioning your own health when you have a twitch in your eye or a slight pain in your tummy, even when you know there is nothing to it. I've learnt that the body is an incredible thing, with both perfections and imperfections. Research is incredible, from machines that do CPR more effectively than humans (LUCAS device) to trusts implementing 'fluids in a bag' tests to reduce the workload for doctors surgeries and hospitals.

Paramedic practice is growing immensely, I could talk about it all day. It is expected that within a couple of years, paramedics with be able to prescribe drugs without just administering them. Paramedics are found in walk-in centres, A&E, doctors surgeries and the number is growing. I am excited to see where the profession will go in the future. There has never been a better time to join the job, no matter what others recommend. If you enjoy a challenging yet rewarding job, a degree in Paramedic Science will open doors and provide you with an ever-changing career. I am so excited to complete my degree to follow my dream job. Personally, if I could become a paramedic without attending university, I would. However it is important to make the most from university, and with this series of posts, I'm going to share my steps and show you how! Until my next post, good luck in your studies and feel free to read my other posts!


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