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'Twas Night Before Placement...

'Twas night before placement when all through the house,
I worried and I packed, fluttering nervously like a mouse.
Kit bag was packed by the front door with care,
Waiting for 5am when I would be leaving there.
(adaption from 'Twas the night before Christmas')

Tomorrow, bright and breezy I start my placement. I am very nervous obviously. I have never been on an ambulance before and having not been at uni for the past 5 weeks, I feel as if I know nothing!
I am excited though! This is what I am expecting for tomorrow:

4am ~ Wakey wakey rise and shine! Breakfast time and time to get ready.
5am ~ Leaving the house, sat nav and coffee at the ready.
6am ~ Arrive at the station with enough time to get myself sorted out.
6.30am ~ Shift starts! Beginning with a station induction for approximately 1 hour then off on the road.
6.30pm ~ (Hopefully) shift finishes on time and off on my way home I go! Obviously this depends on if we are on a call or not.

My pockets contents:

JR CalcStetho…

BSc Paramedic Science: textbooks I used in my first term!

Textbooks can be very expensive, however they can be really valuable if you have the correct ones! In my first term, we completed two modules: Preparation for Clinical Practice (Prep for Prac) and Skills for Study. I only bought textbooks for Prep for Prac, and if I had bought them early I could really have got ahead of the game. Obviously some universities use different textbooks, however I found these the most useful in my first term.

JRCALC Clinical Practice Guidelines 2017 Pocket Book

This is probably the most important book you will ever buy, lecturers say it is your bible... It is! And it is so incredibly important that you have this! It fits perfectly in your trouser pocket (when you have your uniform) and loves your annotations and dog ear marks. They update every year around October time (but you will probably want it before then), and do not worry about having an old version if the new one is not out yet. You will find the list of updates online and it is usually only one or …