BSc Paramedic Science: textbooks I used in my first term!

Textbooks can be very expensive, however they can be really valuable if you have the correct ones! In my first term, we completed two modules: Preparation for Clinical Practice (Prep for Prac) and Skills for Study. I only bought textbooks for Prep for Prac, and if I had bought them early I could really have got ahead of the game. Obviously some universities use different textbooks, however I found these the most useful in my first term.

JRCALC Clinical Practice Guidelines 2017 Pocket Book

This is probably the most important book you will ever buy, lecturers say it is your bible... It is! And it is so incredibly important that you have this! It fits perfectly in your trouser pocket (when you have your uniform) and loves your annotations and dog ear marks. They update every year around October time (but you will probably want it before then), and do not worry about having an old version if the new one is not out yet. You will find the list of updates online and it is usually only one or two points you can write into your book. Buy this book, learn it and love it.

Clinical Practice Guidelines 2016 Plus Supplement 2017

Unfortunately, you will need these along with your pocket book. Make sure you go through them otherwise some parts do not make sense! I learnt this the hard way (awkward questioning in a lab). Learn from my mistakes! Really they are not too bad. Again, they do not go out of date, maybe a couple of edits needed but that is all. A 'one time buy' kind of thing.

Human Anatomy & Physiology, Global Edition

All that was discussed in my first set of lectures was Marieb. I first used it for anatomical body positions and continually used it for all anatomy and physiology, and it helped me greatly in my first assignment which required links to homeostasis. My university had only two online books for this, so if someone else is reading it then I have no chance! This was a life saver, perfect for all the basics you need to know for application. (Also essential for all medical/healthcare type degrees!)

Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets, United Kingdom

Emergency Care in the Streets is probably my favourite textbook. This is not essential, however it breaks down literally everything you need to know. I am clearly a big fan of this book, it is a bit pricey (amazon is the cheapest place I found for it) however you can easily make your money back on it when you come to sell it. You cannot read this online (so annoying!) and my library only had one copy and it was always out and had a long waiting list. This book is great, and lecturers really like it if you reference or talk about it.

The ECG Made Easy, 8e

I still use this book, and I will continue to use this book until I can read an ECG back to front, with my eyes closed! It is so helpful when learning and is cheap (yay!). It has both the basics and the more complex explanations in it, and I think most of the people on my degree have bought it! Completely worth it especially to avoid any awkward moments on placement when you have no idea what is going on with the ECG printout!

Ambulance Care Practice

Not quite as exciting as the others but also essential reading for student paramedics out there. Once you have read it, easy to sell on and does not go out of date.

I hope this has been useful to all you future students out there, I wish you good luck throughout your studies and if I can help with anything, please let me know. Anything else you want to know? Drop me a comment or send me a message!


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