'Twas Night Before Placement...

'Twas night before placement when all through the house,
I worried and I packed, fluttering nervously like a mouse.
Kit bag was packed by the front door with care,
Waiting for 5am when I would be leaving there.
(adaption from 'Twas the night before Christmas')

Tomorrow, bright and breezy I start my placement. I am very nervous obviously. I have never been on an ambulance before and having not been at uni for the past 5 weeks, I feel as if I know nothing!
I am excited though! This is what I am expecting for tomorrow:

4am ~ Wakey wakey rise and shine! Breakfast time and time to get ready.
5am ~ Leaving the house, sat nav and coffee at the ready.
6am ~ Arrive at the station with enough time to get myself sorted out.
6.30am ~ Shift starts! Beginning with a station induction for approximately 1 hour then off on the road.
6.30pm ~ (Hopefully) shift finishes on time and off on my way home I go! Obviously this depends on if we are on a call or not.

My pockets contents:

  • JR Calc
  • Stethoscope
  • Fob watch
  • Pens and pen torch
  • NHS ID tag

My kit bag contents:

  • PAD document (for university students to record their progress)
  • OSCE sheets for practice and reading
  • High vis, soft shell jacket and helmet
  • Phone charger
  • Water bottle, lunch and snacks
  • Mini squash bottle 
My car contents:
  • Spare change of uniform
  • Spare change of clothes
  • Towel and shower stuff
Anyway, I am off to bed now! I will keep posting blog updates with updated kit bags and hacks, so follow if you do not want to miss out!


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