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New (Academic) Year, New Me 2018/19

I think that academic year 2018/19 sounds really exciting! I am currently going into Year 2 of my Paramedic Science BSc with other plans and ventures in mind. Here are some rambles from me which may motivate you to be a better you in the coming academic year.
My Degree Plans So Year 2 is where is gets serious. All of your grades count and second year is considerably harder than first year! I have been told by my lecturer to start revising for my pharmacology exam over the summer as there is lots to learn, so I need to start that soon. I also plan to be far more organised when it comes to essay writing as all of my essays in first year were completed unnecessarily stressfully and I know that I could easily start and finish them earlier, probably producing work of a better quality. I plan to go to all of my lectures (I missed one or two last year from being ill) and to try to fully absorb the information by reducing my distractions (talking, playing on my phone etc). I am also going to s…

Five Important Money Saving/Making Hacks for Students (that you need to know)

I am the definition of a poor student (without a maintenance loan oops) so I have established some handy ways to save money. Let me know if I have missed anything and I'll include it in my next version! Enjoy!

Student Amazon Prime (for free) I use Amazon Prime for all my stationery, household items and gifts. I am the Queen of forgetting people's Birthdays (at least I am honest!). I always use (student) Amazon Prime to get reduced price items with free next day delivery. This means I can forget a Birthday until the night before and buy something to give to them the following night. If you use this code then you can receive 6 months free then have a massive reduction to less than £4 a month for a subscription. This also includes films, music and discounts on textbooks. I find it really handy to use as I can decide I want something at 10pm and have it at my door the following day without having to go out and get it. The best part of student amazon prime is that you can cancel bef…

What it takes to become a lifeguard

I have been lifeguarding since I was 16. I qualified from a six day course with an assessment nearly four years ago, and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made! I have made lots of money from it (as you are skilled you are on a higher wage), you have a highly valuable skill and
it looks really impressive to universities and on a CV. Lifeguarding definitely helped me for my application onto a Paramedic Science degree.
What does it involve? The initial National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) covers lifesaving, first aid and theory. The
course is usually six days with the exam at the end. The course is not difficult, although does require focus to pass. You are taught lifesaving: tows, spinal preservation and rescue, defensive blocks within the water, first aid: similar to a First Aid at Work Level 3 Qualification, with a variety of skills, such as bandaging, recognising seizures and hypoglycemic events and basic life support (BLS) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation …

How I Succeed By Making Money On People Per Hour

Firstly, before you read the rest of this post, sign up here. Yes this is a link attached to my page, however it will give you £30 to get started.
Secondly, this is a page that makes you as much money as the effort you put in. Your skill set will increase with practice, and you can decide what you want to specialise in. It is not just for uni students, but this is many people's full time job. Use this knowledge wisely and I am sure you will do just fine!

What is it?
It is a company where freelance workers can apply for jobs and advertise their expertise to people needing work done. You can also ask for help, but you will have to pay for this!

What can I offer?
Anything! But do remember that this site mainly focuses on online jobs so you ought to be handy with a computer. If you are good at image editing, transcription, translation, blog post writing and social media endorsing then looking for jobs is really easy. The search bar means you can look specifically for what you want, and …