How I Succeed By Making Money On People Per Hour

Firstly, before you read the rest of this post, sign up here. Yes this is a link attached to my page, however it will give you £30 to get started.
Secondly, this is a page that makes you as much money as the effort you put in. Your skill set will increase with practice, and you can decide what you want to specialise in. It is not just for uni students, but this is many people's full time job. Use this knowledge wisely and I am sure you will do just fine!

What is it?
It is a company where freelance workers can apply for jobs and advertise their expertise to people needing work done. You can also ask for help, but you will have to pay for this!

What can I offer?
Anything! But do remember that this site mainly focuses on online jobs so you ought to be handy with a computer. If you are good at image editing, transcription, translation, blog post writing and social media endorsing then looking for jobs is really easy. The search bar means you can look specifically for what you want, and select skill levels and such.

Does it pay well?
It depends which jobs you go for and your experience/time management. If you can get a job done really well and reasonably quickly then you will earn more than someone who CBA. It is like the real world! You do lose some commission to the website, so make sure you account for this when working out how much you want to be paid. Also make sure you put down for the buyer to pay you a good deposit, I have not yet had someone rip me off, but I would be annoyed if they did and I received pennies for my hard work.

How can I be good at it?
Getting jobs is all about the wording of your proposal. Using your degree is helpful to prove that you are intellectual, have good English and editing skills and that you have certain areas of knowledge. Imagine persuasive writing from Year 7 at High School. Sell yourself as high as you can. You should be specific about other things too, for example: I have eight years of social media expertise across various platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Tumblr). Give examples when writing your proposal to act as proof. Include websites you have written for, or that link to your Instagram with 2000 followers because clearly you are doing something right! Also make sure you follow the rules and do not take jobs off site (unless you are really sure about the company). I did this and created two weeks of stress for myself which was easily avoided if I had said no.

But I didn't get a job first time around?
Do not be disheartened! There are lots of people on this website all looking for jobs too. Generally I have a good success rate when speaking to companies, and a lot of the time I am the one who decides that they do not want to work with the company because they are not my thing. Speak nicely to the company to optimise your chance and do not go for the jobs with loads of proposals because there is less of a chance of you getting them.

Any other tips?
Be honest, neither you not the buyer wants a job completed that they hate or know nothing about. Either work to your skill set or develop your skills, but do not waste someone's time and money as this can leave a bitter taste in employers mouths. Choose stuff you know you are good at (and should enjoy) and this will show through your work and you will receive good reviews and more people will want to use you and pay you more due to your experience.

Now ready to sign up? Please use this link to help me out (and also earn yourself £30 (or equivalent currency) in credits! Thank you!


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