New (Academic) Year, New Me 2018/19

I think that academic year 2018/19 sounds really exciting! I am currently going into Year 2 of my Paramedic Science BSc with other plans and ventures in mind. Here are some rambles from me which may motivate you to be a better you in the coming academic year.

My Degree Plans
So Year 2 is where is gets serious. All of your grades count and second year is considerably harder than first year! I have been told by my lecturer to start revising for my pharmacology exam over the summer as there is lots to learn, so I need to start that soon. I also plan to be far more organised when it comes to essay writing as all of my essays in first year were completed unnecessarily stressfully and I know that I could easily start and finish them earlier, probably producing work of a better quality. I plan to go to all of my lectures (I missed one or two last year from being ill) and to try to fully absorb the information by reducing my distractions (talking, playing on my phone etc). I am also going to start recording my lectures as I miss out on lots of information (especially when I get distracted). I already make notes beforehand on the lecture from the Powerpoint presentation but this year I am going to ensure my notes are perfect afterwards too. I also need to make sure I revise for my OSCEs much further in advance! As I only have two years left until I graduate, the end of the hard work and grind is nearly in sight. 

My Plan:
  • Start work as soon as I have free time instead of procrastinating. Do bits little and often.
  • Read journals relevant to what I am studying to provide more context and to improve my understanding.
  • Record my lectures on a dictaphone so I can play it back if I do not understand or if I miss things. (This one from amazon is great value for money!)
  • Keep documenting my degree progression on my blog! This is a great way to keep me motivated and I love answering my readers questions! The best way to ask me a question is through my instagram.

My Life Plans

I am currently in the process of starting up my own business. This involves lots of research and once I have begun, I will definitely need to be organised to ensure I have time to do everything. I will try to remain balanced, as I find it really easy to focus my all on the things I love, and procrastinate the boring stuff. I also plan to continue my health journey, lots of exercise and good food, as this makes me feel so much more motivated and increases my energy levels. I love exercise but really struggle to set time aside for myself when I feel busy, so I will try my hardest this year to fit things in. I also plan to continue working hard to earn money for my house fund, but make sure there is a balance so I do not overwork myself!

My Plan:
  • Try to go on a course to educate me on starting/running my own business, or at least read lots of online resources and seek help from different areas.
  • Do not fall back into my bad eating habits and laziness. I plan to join the pole society at my university for a cheap and easy way to ensure I exercise lots (I really love pole dance and used to teach a couple of years back).
  • To make more time for my family and friends. I rarely see anyone outside of uni, so I plan to set time aside to see them. My cheat days can be meals out with friends, or we can plan exercise dates!

What are your goals for this academic year? Write them in the comments below or send me a message!


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