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Starting the University Term Ahead of the Game

Happy Freshers Week!!!
I am sure plenty of students are living with a pretty impressive hangover currently, but that does not give you an excuse to one-up your degree! Whether you are first or final year, here are some tips to boost your productivity and start your year on the right foot.

Check Out Your Timetable! Whilst you may not start lectures until October, you should get yourself familiar with your timetable ASAP. Get a big wall planner or a diary and write down every lecture, lab time and activity that you want/have to go to. If societies have meets, write it down. If your degree has optional sessions, write it down. If you record everything, when you come to book in other things then you cannot forget anything. Last year I missed most of our optional forums as I did not write them down, causing me to miss some fun education and free pizza. As you pay over £9000 for your degree, you may as well try to go to everything offered to get your moneys worth from the university. I have…

Amazon Deals Deals No-One Knows About

I love amazon. It is the best and biggest shop which you can browse in your PJs with a glass of wine. Sounds perfect to me! Here are the deals which have been created to make life far easier for the everyday busy-bodies, like you and I.

Amazon Prime - 30 Day Free Trial Annually, Amazon Prime costs just £79, which is still a bargain for the likes of me, as it frequently saves me when I remember I am attending someone's Birthday party the night before it is due. Next day and first class delivery generally costs between £3 and £7 (total rip-off unless you are transporting a grand piano etc). What people do not always realise, is that Prime also allows you to watch loads of popular movies and TV shows, including exclusive programs (such as The Grand Tour - such a good show), for free! Newer updates of Prime also include free music, kindle e-books, and photo storage! A free trial can be obtained here, and if you do not like it, cancel within the 30 days and you will not have to pay a pe…