Amazon Deals Deals No-One Knows About

I love amazon. It is the best and biggest shop which you can browse in your PJs with a glass of wine. Sounds perfect to me! Here are the deals which have been created to make life far easier for the everyday busy-bodies, like you and I.

Annually, Amazon Prime costs just £79, which is still a bargain for the likes of me, as it frequently saves me when I remember I am attending someone's Birthday party the night before it is due. Next day and first class delivery generally costs between £3 and £7 (total rip-off unless you are transporting a grand piano etc). What people do not always realise, is that Prime also allows you to watch loads of popular movies and TV shows, including exclusive programs (such as The Grand Tour - such a good show), for free! Newer updates of Prime also include free music, kindle e-books, and photo storage! A free trial can be obtained here, and if you do not like it, cancel within the 30 days and you will not have to pay a penny! It is a win-win situation!

Amazon Prime Student - 6 Month Free Trial
As I am a university blogger, I am presuming that most of my viewers are students! Great news for you as you get the same perks as normal Prime, but for half the price! This means that after your free trial, you will only have to pay £3.99 per month. This means that you can totally afford to buy a couple of things per month on Prime and not feel guilty about it! Did I also mention that when you sign up, you get 6 months free?! I wish I had known about this when I got my Prime account. Do not forget, even if you are studying part time, Open University, teacher training etc, you are eligible for a student trial! Click here to join!

Audible: Digital Audiobooks - 30 Day Free Trial and Free Audiobook
If you like to keep yourself entertained, an audiobook is definitely something to consider. These are great for, but not limited to, the gym, in the car when you do not want to listen to the radio and late at night when you do not want to hold a book. This Audible free trial leaves you with an audiobook you can listen to whenever you like, and if you decide to keep your subscription then for £7.99 per month you can have a new book each month! Enjoy it here!

Kindle Unlimited - 30 Day Free Trial
If you love books (and have a kindle) this is an essential for you. I can think of many reasons why a Kindle is easier and more efficient than having paper books, such as holiday trips, small university rooms/bookshelves and limited bag space. Amazon offer a 30 day free trial for those who sign up to Kindle Unlimited, which offers you unlimited Kindle books, and after the 30 day free trial, it only costs £7.99 per month. Total bargain as most books nowadays are a minimum of a fiver each!! This is definitely not an offer for everything, but if you are a bookworm, you should definitely try this out! If you do not already have a kindle, here are Amazon's most popular ones.

Amazon Fresh - 30 Day Free Trial
I am starting to see a pattern, Amazon really love their 30 day free trials! This is like shopping with Tesco or Sainburys but you order and receive food and other items the same day, in an hour time slot, with free delivery over £40 and low prices (on average Amazon Fresh products are 9% lower than other supermarkets). I love how they do brands that you cannot find in normal supermarkets and wholesaler brands which means meat, veggies and fruit (among other items) are cheaper and better! After your 30 day free trial, the monthly price is £3.99 which is cheaper than supermarket deliveries. Why not have a try?

I hope these Amazon hacks are useful to you! Let me know which one you try! Do not forget, when you sign up to your free trial, you can always cancel before the 30 days are up if you do not want to pay!


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