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First Year Paramedic Science Student PAD Review

The Practice Assessment Document (PAD) will rule your life during your 10 weeks of placement in your first year of uni.

Here are my tips for passing your PAD, and how to make it easier. Enjoy!

What is the PAD and what does it include?

The PAD is your evidence for completing certain skills whilst on placement which is pass or fail. Your mentor (or PED) has to fill it out identifying which jobs you have been exposed to, and how you handled them. They can grade you as assisted (needing help), minimal supervision (the odd prompt here or there) or independent (woo, go you! Did it safely all by yourself). It includes skills from your Skills Passport and adds in other essential skills too, such as: airway management, cervical spine immobilisation, fracture splinting, IM injections and signposting to alternative pathways. There is are patient assessment pages, which patients fill out about how they feel you treated them, and there is a personal review on your time on placement. Your mentor als…