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Day in a Life of a Student Paramedic - Placement Edition

Hi, just as a little intro I am a second year Paramedic Science degree student, currently on my first placement of Year Two. The featured day is a brisk Saturday in November on a placement shift with a crew that I have not worked with before. Most of my shifts are either earlies (starting between 6 and 7am for 12 hours) or lates (starting between 6 and 7pm for 12 hours). This was a weird shift time of 1100 to 2300, which is annoying as it straddles two meal times as you only get one meal break. Surprisingly enough, I actually quite liked this time, however I do prefer really early shifts as you still have a bit of the evening when you get home.

This account is completely true! The variety of patients fluctuates day to day, and this was one of the more interesting ones, but this may also be as it was a Saturday. The times are as close to accurate as possible. We had fewer patients than a usual shift, but travelling times and patient contact time was greater than normal. We did not spe…

Paramedic Science Degree Review - Year 2 - Trimester 0.5

So, I am half way through my first trimester and I thought it would be a good idea to give an update because I have had quite a few fellow students ask how I have been finding it! I am glad I am actually helping others with my experience!

The first month in second year was a ball.  I felt on top with everything. I was working full time and managing a couple of days in uni and everything was grand. I wrote up my lecture notes before the lecture so I could sit, annotate and absorb during the lecture. I found the information and understanding it was stretching me, but in a good way. I kept up! Even in the labs I seemed to be doing pretty well, especially in comparison to the previous year. I was answering questions that others were getting wrong, and I took part in one scenario (with another person as a crew on a truck) where my lecturer said we did the best out of everyone he had seen. I definitely needed this confidence boost as I was feeling a bit deflated as I always felt behind ever…

The To-Do List Hack

If you follow my Instagram account, it will not be a surprise that I love a list or two. I use these lists for everything! If I am having a particularly busy day, my list will breakdown my day up to the minute (including eating, showering and chilling the brain!). Other times, my to-do list is far less urgent and I use it to accomplish tasks over days or even weeks. However you wish to use your to-do list, they are valuable and I do not think I would be anywhere near as productive without one.

To-Do List Tips
To-do list productivity comes from perseverance and practice.

Separate your 'must's', your 'should's' and 'could's'.Try to work on the more urgent tasks first.If you are feeling completely unproductive and you recognise that you will procrastinate the 'must' work, try to start something you will enjoy. Either do a small task, or start and set yourself an hour time limit where you then do the 'must' tasks. Some work is better than …