The To-Do List Hack

If you follow my Instagram account, it will not be a surprise that I love a list or two. I use these lists for everything! If I am having a particularly busy day, my list will breakdown my day up to the minute (including eating, showering and chilling the brain!). Other times, my to-do list is far less urgent and I use it to accomplish tasks over days or even weeks. However you wish to use your to-do list, they are valuable and I do not think I would be anywhere near as productive without one.

To-Do List Tips
To-do list productivity comes from perseverance and practice.
Whiteboard To-Do List

  • Separate your 'must's', your 'should's' and 'could's'.
  • Try to work on the more urgent tasks first.
  • If you are feeling completely unproductive and you recognise that you will procrastinate the 'must' work, try to start something you will enjoy. Either do a small task, or start and set yourself an hour time limit where you then do the 'must' tasks. Some work is better than no work.
  • Schedule yourself breaks. Either set a timer for a break every hour (and a timer for your break to end) or add breaks into your to-do list after you complete shorter tasks.
  • Split your big tasks into smaller tasks so you feel like you are accomplishing more! This also makes the overall task less scary and easier to start.
  • If you are feeling really unproductive you can add meal breaks, showering and other essential items into your day.
Remember not to beat yourself up if you do not complete everything! You have to listen to your body and if you begin to feel brain dead, take a break and do something different. Studying is quality, not quantity.

Temporary To-Do Lists
Use a scrap of paper when you are randomly with an idea which requires a memory aid otherwise you forget it! I generally write things in my diary if I am lucky enough to have one, otherwise a scrap of paper tucked in my phone works well enough. Just ensure you move it to a more permanent to-do list before you forget!

Semi-Permanent To-Do Lists
If I am at home, then this is where my trusty whiteboard comes in! I love my whiteboard as I can make notes, edit and cross/wipe off when completed! Another great thing about a whiteboard is that you are not wasting bits of paper. Luckily whiteboards are pretty cheap nowadays and whiteboard pens come in lots of colours to make the boring tasks slightly more interesting.
Wunderlist Mobile App
Using a pretty pad is a good way of making lists which can travel places with you. Lots of the time I have to take my work to university and tackle multiple tasks at once which can be tracked on a slightly more organised and pretty pad! You can buy some pretty cheap to-do lists, like these, or some of my favourite designs can be found at the end of this post.

Permanent To-Do Lists
So I discovered a website and app which are perfect for your lists called Wunderlist! The best part is that your account (or facebook) links to your deskop, online or on your phone! The website and desktop and phone app is free, unlike many organisational apps. Lists can be created under different categories and once you have completed and ticked off the lists they save (unless you wish to delete them), which is helpful if you might need your list again! This is great if you make a holiday packing list or a regular food shop list.
Wunderlist Desktop App
For a list which everyone in your household can view, these whiteboard wall planners are great to stick in the kitchen! Perfect for university halls or a family home, you can plan your activities for everyone to see. If you live with a group of studiers, this is perfect as you can plan your studying tasks and keep yourselves accountable.

Danii's Favourite Pretty Pads


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