21 Things I Have Learnt in 21 Years

Today is my 21st Birthday and here are 21 things I know from having lived for 21 years. Enjoy 21 thoughts from my rambled brain.

1. You do not need to wash your hair everyday. Find a hairstyle which hides your grub and wear it with confidence.
2. Get up when your alarm goes off and get working. Workout, eat, answer emails, write an essay. Everything feels better if you have done it before 8am.
3. Fuel your body with real food. Most items are better for you if you do not have to take them out of a packet.
4. Use your freezer! Made too much food? Freeze it. Not going to eat some stuff you bought? Freeze it. It is a time saver, a money saver and a waste saver.
5. The simple action of just lighting a candle makes you feel better.
6. I need the responsibility of looking after something. I cannot imagine my life without a furry friend or a fish. Saying that, if you can't, then just look after a plant. Start off with a cacti if you are worried about your plant skills.
7. Putting on mascara, nail varnish and lipstick takes 5 minutes but can completely change your mood around.
8. Remember your family. One day you will need them and one day they will need you.
9. Do not quit your job until you have another one lined up.
10. By growing yourself, you are growing your 'brand'. Jump at taking qualifications and training as your experience will put you above others and may take you towards more exciting opportunities. You never know where the path undiscovered may take you.
11. Treat people how you want to be treated. If they do not treat you the same way then you do not have to spend time with them.
12. If you want/need to improve your mood, find what really gets you going. Personally I like to sing along loudly to music in my car.
13. Crying is completely okay, and sometimes just letting it all out will make you feel better quicker.
14. If it feels right, it is right. You will know when you get that feeling.
15. Being selfish is important sometimes so long as it is not all the time.
16. Listen to your body! If you are hungry, eat! If you are tired, either have a nap or a strong coffee. If you are craving sweet, eat some fruit! If you hurt after your workout take some time to stretch or foam roll. Oh, and drink 2l of water every day!
17. It is never to early to save to buy a house.
18. Perfect is a social construct. Be happy and thankful with what you have.
19. You will never be amazing at everything but rest assured, do your best for yourself and your best will be enough.
20. Work to be happy in your own skin. You will succeed more at being you than you will at being someone else. You are the most majestic you there ever was and ever will be.
21. Dream big. The stars are your limit.


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