2018 - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Happy New Year! Happy 2019!

So, 2018 had its ups and downs, and I feel more myself than I've felt in ages. Time to review 2018; the good, the bad and the ugly. Enjoy.

I like to count all achievements, no matter how small! I must add that I'm quite competitive, especially with myself, so I'm hoping that in 2019 I do better than this list!

  • Passed my motorcycle test
  • Rescued a child at work
  • Completed in two cheerleading competitions in Nottingham and Birmingham
  • Wrote two, almost three essays
  • Did CPR on a real person (a few times, and no ROSC unfortunately)
  • Smashed my OSCEs (obnoxious - sorry not sorry), with 99% in my basic life support exam
  • Sailed in our RS 400 for the first time (and capsized within five seconds)
  • Passed my first year of university with a first!
  • Hugely reduced my alcohol consumption
  • Became a fully fledged Sea Scout leader
  • Completed ten weeks of ambulance placement in year one, and five in year two

In the first six months of 2018 we did a little bit of travelling, then it kind of fizzled out. I guess uni, work and teacher training got in the way! One of my huge regrets was that my phone died mid 2018 which is so annoying as I lost a load of my photos and was not able to take photos over two of my trips. Hey ho, I've definitely learnt my lesson! Here are the places that I travelled to!

  • Bansko - Bulgaria
  • Nottingham - England
  • Snowdonia - Wales
  • Rotterdam - Holland
  • Pembrokeshire - Wales
  • Kent - England
  • Southampton - England
  • Carmarthenshire - Wales

2019 is going to be the year of Danii Self Growth. I am so excited! I'm going to work on myself and try to be the most me, that I can be! Rewind three years back, I used to be so fit and active, with so much energy and I was smashing life. Working 20-40 hours a week teaching, lifeguarding, running a swimming pool, writing 3+ essays a week for college and still working out and feeling good! Priorities totally get in the way sometimes, which is fine! I needed to focus on other stuff. But now I feel ready to get parts of the old me back.
2019 is the year to train like a ninja. I am so excited. I've changed my mind on fitness, personally it used to be all aesthetics: six-pack and booty to me. I'm over that. I want to train for my job and for my life, so I find general life easier. Ninja boss lady pending. On with the goals!
  • Eat from scratch! Less processed and pre-made food. Lots of veg and lots of protein
  • Try to choose healthier options when eating and drinking out
  • Continue trying my best with my degree 
  • Work on my hobbies
  • Practice self-care all the time
  • Decide and stick at my new job
  • Reduce procrastination, increase productivity and improve time-management
  • Increase my upper body strength and reduce my body fat. Improve my cardiovascular fitness and agility. #trainlikeaninja
  • Be slightly more sociable (and reply to my texts and emails better)

Over the past few months I've learnt some pretty big things about myself. I'm a morning person and I work so much better before 2pm. I miss exercise and the way it makes me look and feel.

  • Drink three litres of water a day
  • Get up at 6am (not 6.01) at least five times a week
  • Go to bed at 10pm and get those eight hours of sleep
  • Moisturise my face every day
  • Do something for myself at least once a day
  • Workout between three and five days a week (#trainlikeaninja)
  • Practice yoga more
  • Stop chewing my nails (grub life)

I hope you enjoyed the good, the bad and the ugly. Let me know your goals, and maybe I can steal some of yours! I'm excited for this years and I have some plans. Please follow for some exciting things happening soon! Lets smash 2019.


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