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Optimise Your Savings Part 1 // The House Diaries

One thing that is the same for almost everyone is that you need savings to buy a house. Back in the day, you did not actually need any money to get a mortgage, but things have changed. When it comes to buying a house, the bigger the deposit you have means the lower your monthly repayment and/or the greater the house value you can afford.
Moving costs money. Every aspect of it: the literal moving of the furniture, fees, checks, repairs etc. It is not cheap and some money will feel as though it is going straight down the drain, so when you have your deposit saved, some of that will be required to go towards house buying fees, so you always need to save as much as possible to put yourself in the best position


This is a personal account of how I have saved my money. Currently all of my debit and savings accounts are with Nationwide Building Society, and I have one credit card with Tesco Bank. Over the years I have compared different banks and building societies, and I have fou…