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Quick and Easy Pizza Recipe: No Yeast Needed!

I love pizza, but I realised I had no yeast (and I like to make everything from scratch if possible) so this is my scone-base pizza! Enjoy!

Time taken: 45 minutes total
Serves 2 to 4 people (depending on how hungry you are!)


Base(Make sure you have a small amount of spare milk/flour to make it up if it is too dry or too wet)
250g self raising flour
50g cold (block) butter
100ml milk

Topping(You can put almost anything on your pizza! The only thing is I would recommend your sauce on the base, and enough cheese to cover the sauce. And the rest? The world is your oyster!)
Tomato puree // BBQ sauce
Cheese (enough to cover sauce
6 slices of pepperoni
1 onion

Pre-heat your oven to 200c fan
1. Sieve your flour to remove lumps and add the cold butter, cut the butter into small squares.
2. Rub the squares of butter until it resembles breadcrumbs.
3. Add your milk slowly and mix with a knife or spoon, stop adding the milk when it becomes a dough like consistency (not s…

(Prosthetics) Community - Hospital Placement Reviews

Week three, and I am living in my new house! Such a huge adjustment having my own garden and house (I no-longer live in a bungalow - result!) and the un-packing process was definitely not smooth, but here is my placement, yet again. So this placement was purely described to me as 'Prosthetics Mental Health' with no further information given. In-patients, out-patients or community? I had no idea what to expect, and this week was full of surprises.

Again, I required 37.5 hours for my placement block, however I knew this was not possible. Monday was the bank holiday, and the clinic was open from 9 to 4 every day (except weekends and bank holidays). I was asked to arrive for 10am - a huge lie in! I spoke to my university placement contact who assured me that my hours would be made up (presumably with my ambulance placement).

Day 1
So I live approximately one hour from this placement, but due to its location being very close to London, I gave myself about 2 hours to get th…

Maternity - Hospital Placement Reviews

So my second week of hospital placements was in Labour Ward! This was really exciting to me because I wondered whether or not I should be a midwife and I am really excited for the first time that I will catch a baby on my own on the road! If you have not read about my first week of placement, that can be found here.

So I required 37.5 hours for this placement block, which equates to three long days as the midwives work 12.5 hour days. I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (and then I moved house!) so the week was quite tiring. I was at the same hospital that I did my Acute Medical Unit placement in, which was great as I knew roughly where to park and how long it would take me to get to and from placement (approximately 30 minutes). I was not given any prior information and I was not designated a mentor, so I just turned up on my first day!

Day 1
My day started at 6am (which is quite the lie in after the previous week!). I had breakfast and some tea and left the house. I pack…