A Guide to Passive Income

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As you may know, I try to be a queen in passive income. It has taken me quite a few years through trial and error to choose the most effective ways to earn passive income. I am not saying this will pay for your £1,000,000 house, but this is a great way of supplementing your income either for savings or just a bit of pocket money.

Make sure you check back on this page as this is an ever evolving post which I will keep updated! Let me know what works for you, and please follow the links on this post as some will provide bonuses for both you and I!


This is an interesting concept. It is an add-on on your toolbar which pays you every time you see ads when using your laptop. This is especially great when using your laptop for studying and writing essays and you will see a lot of ads in your time! They pay you back with giftcards for different sites (although I usually choose PayPal as then I can transfer it directly into my back balance). It is simple to introduce to your toolbar and quick to check your balance. Initially I was sceptical however since installing it my balance keeps growing - with the least amount of effort possible which I absolutely love.

Gener8 basically uses the information you choose to submit on your interest (you can choose to submit everything or nothing through a quick preferences quiz) to make sure the ads you see are tailored to you. There is more information which you can find on their blog. You can also pause or stop Gener8 whenever you want, the choice is yours.

Find Gener8 here!


Swagbucks has been my personal favourite for a few years and has made me hundreds of pounds in PayPal giftcards. There are lots of ways to earn Swagbucks, but my personal favourites are the completing surveys and shopping. Surveys are quick and easy to complete and by answering them truthfully, it can easily make you lots of points. I normally do this when I am chilling and watching television or playing on my phone as it does not take up too much brain power and its better than doing nothing. By installing the toolbar, which you can do here, every time you shop on a site (hotels, food, clothing, electronics etc), it notifies you if you can earn points by shopping. I am not the biggest shopper, however I have made a huge amount of points by just doing my regular shopping and also booking hotels and holidays. It does not take me any extra time to do this and earns me money back which is a win-win. There are also other ways of earning. I have earned points by discovering apps and games, and also entering competitions.

Check out Swagbucks here!
Download the Toolbar here!


Honey is definitely all the rage right now. It's an extension in the toolbar which provides you with discount codes for different online shops. It is really helpful as you do not have to search for different codes, it just prompts you when there is one! It also provides cashback when you shop and discounted hotel stays. It does not take up any time and saves you money! Whats not to like?!

Check out Honey here!


Receipthog is a phone app where you upload photos of your receipts and briefly rate your shopping experience to earn points. Different kinds of shopping trips earn you different points and some give you slot machine tokens which can earn you bonus points. Rewards include, but are not limited to, PayPal and Amazon vouchers.


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