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How I Survive University - Financially

Regularly I get questions on Instagram regarding working and earning money whilst being at university, especially when it comes to working alongside placement. Here is how I have made and continue to make enough money to survive university.

Student Finance
If you are taking out a tuition fee loan then you may as well get a maintenance loan too. My lecturer described student loan repayments as a tax as you are unlikely to ever pay your student loan back fully, and you only repay a small percentage each month. I started my first year without a maintenance loan, and decided in roughly March that I could do with it. I applied for the last term and to my surprise, received the whole yearly amount in a one-off payment! Since then I have used my parents information to receive a means-tested loan, however I do not receive much unfortunately. My parents earn enough money that I receive very little maintenance loan, and as I am not supplemented by my parents and I do not live with them, I have t…