Paramedic Science Interview Question Examples Part 1

I am a third (and final) year Paramedic Science student who helps at interview days and (back in the day) attended five interview days and got five offers! Here are examples of what you *might* be asked during your Paramedic Science interview. Sorry if none of these come up, please let me know what you get asked so we can give the future generation an idea of what to expect! These questions apply to MMIs (multiple mini interviews), individual and group interviews and also written literacy tests.

Generic Questions
- What is your perception of the role of a paramedic?
- How is it best to deal with conflict (between crew mates/supervisors/managers etc)?
- What is something that is currently affecting the profession (anything recent in the news)?
- What is professionalism?
- What is teamwork?
- What do you understand about patient confidentiality?
- How would you deal with difficult patients/angry relatives?
- What areas do you know of that paramedics work in/how is the ambulance service changing?
- Why do you think members of the public may have a bad perception of the ambulance service?

Personal Questions
- What is your biggest strength and what is your biggest weakness?
- Are you good at time management?
- What is an example of the when you have had to deal with conflict?
- What is an example of a time you showed resilience?
- Why have you chosen this university/this course?
- How will you finance yourself whilst on this course?
- Do you know if you would like to specialise once completing your degree?
- Do you have any questions about the university or this course?


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