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A Game-Changer in Passive Income/Rewards

Hello, just a pre-word, if you are not the kind of person interested in earning a passive income/rewards, this is not the post for you, and I would suggest you come back next week for another student paramedic post. This, however, is SUCH a game-changer, especially if you are using your laptop for looking at research, journal articles etc (at a minimum).

So, if you are interested in earning free gift vouchers, PS4/Xbox/PS classic games, electronic gadgets/apps or donating to charity - this is the app for you!

What is it and how does it work?
I've been using Gener8for the past few months and I'm hoping this platform continues to grow because I already love it so much! Basically, Gener8 is an extension from chrome/moxilla which swaps the ads you see for their own ads (which you can customise to what you are in interested in by a short quiz) and every time you see them they award you with tokens. I also use the new tab extension too which earns me extra tokens! It currently works …

Paediatrics - Hospital Placement Reviews

I am back with another hospital placement review! I am a third year student now and we have to do five weeks of out-of-ambulance placement this year, which includes paediatrics! I was placed in the children's assessment unit at my local hospital, here is what I saw, found and learnt!

I contacted my placement provider two or three months before I was due to start placement, about a month in advance, the lady who is the student coordinator sent me the dates that she was working that week so that I would definitely be placed with her. She gave me Monday, Wednesday and Saturday which was a little odd as I am used to working consecutive days, however it was actually really helpful as on those days off I was able to work and catch up on life things (and sleep as I had just come off Scout camp and was completely exhausted). I arranged for my boyfriend to take me in on his way to work because hospital parking is always a total nightmare for staff, and really expensive for patien…