A Game-Changer in Passive Income/Rewards

Hello, just a pre-word, if you are not the kind of person interested in earning a passive income/rewards, this is not the post for you, and I would suggest you come back next week for another student paramedic post. This, however, is SUCH a game-changer, especially if you are using your laptop for looking at research, journal articles etc (at a minimum).

So, if you are interested in earning free gift vouchers, PS4/Xbox/PS classic games, electronic gadgets/apps or donating to charity - this is the app for you!

What is it and how does it work?
I've been using Gener8 for the past few months and I'm hoping this platform continues to grow because I already love it so much! Basically, Gener8 is an extension from chrome/moxilla which swaps the ads you see for their own ads (which you can customise to what you are in interested in by a short quiz) and every time you see them they award you with tokens. I also use the new tab extension too which earns me extra tokens! It currently works out that every 10 tokens is equal to £1.

What are the good bits?
- Earning free stuff for doing nothing
- Inoffensive and less offensive than the google adsense ads you normally see
- Constantly growing marketplace
- Constantly growing platform (I am excited to see where this goes!)
- Pretty new tab extension with pretty backdrops (again, customisable)
- Most sites I look at for uni have ads which I earn from

What are the bad bits?
- Currently you have to refer 2 people to be able to buy stuff (I referred a friend, my boyfriend and also made an account on my other laptop)
- Once you buy something you have to wait 7 days to buy something again (make sure you plan your purchases)
- Purchases are on a timer release, some you have to wait a few hours for, some a few days for
- They collect some data from you which is all made anonymous (all details can be found on their website)
- Not every website has ads, so you do not earn on everything

How to earn the most?
Install this ASAP! Follow this link and follow the steps on the website and set up your account! It took me about 5 minutes and then it just passively grows whilst you are busy studying/shopping/surfing. Basically, once you have downloaded it you can forget about it and come back to it every week or so and purchase something!
Once you have done this, the next two things to do are 1. invite two friends (they need to earn one token), and 2. download the new tab bar (if you want - but it definitely does earn me more - look at the pie chart below - you will also get this pie chart breakdown for you when you get an account - I will stop rambling now).

Use your laptop! Well until they bring out a phone extension too. When I'm searching for info, especially on google scholar, I seem to earn the most. When I have time off from studying and my laptop, obviously I do not earn anything - so you can see I had about a week off in February where I went on holiday and did not have wifi! If you want to earn more, use your laptop for looking at the news, shopping and those random searches you do throughout the day!

Finally, invite more friends! This has two benefits - if you invite/are invited by someone you will gain a free 10 tokens. So either use my link to sign up (and you'll help me out too), or if you already have an account you can take this link [ https://refer.gener8ads.com/r/Gcp2sP ] and copy it in and you will get 10 tokens free (it is case sensitive). You also get 10 tokens every time someone signs up by your link (and they get 10 too obviously), so it is definitely worth it. Remember, the more this platform grows, the more things they will ad (and they promise to take away the 7 day purchase limit).

Any other questions? Let me know!
https://refer.gener8ads.com/r/Gcp2sP or click here


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