BSc Paramedic Science - Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2

Here is another post about the questions I get the most from my Instagram! I really appreciate all of your interactions and love our student paramedic community. Thank you for your continued support. On with the questions!

What is your name?
My name is Danii, short for Daniiella (and no - I did not spell it wrong... My parents blessed me with a uniquely spelt name which was definitely character building as a child!).

Why did you choose this route?
I am not sure if I have told my story about wanting to be a paramedic before, but anyway it is not that interesting. As a child I always loved science, especially medicine. I was the weird kid that would read all the health leaflets found in random places from smoking and cancers to meningitis and malaria (and freak myself out sometimes too). I was fascinated with different illnesses. My parents were both in the police force, with specialities, so I grew up with them working erratic shifts with lots of days on and a few days off. They made the most of their annual leave and we did quite a lot of skiing, where I also saw a lot of injuries.
When I was at school, I attended a grammar school who tried to push me towards medicine, even though I was interested in physiotherapy and paramedicine, but they did not think of this as 'smart' enough for me (and their school). I knew I would get bored working in a hospital, and my mother knew this too, encouraging me down the Paramedic route - something she wishes she had done in the past. Whilst I was at college though, I was pretty set on physiotherapy but made the decision to change my personal statement and university options slightly last minute to paramedic science. My best friend at college also wanted to be a paramedic (and is almost there now!) and she gave me the confidence to follow what I really wanted to do. My father was not very supportive of this, but I made this decision for me, not him.
So the reason I went down this route was not because I suffered a horrific RTC, trauma or illness and was amazed by how the crew worked, but actually due to my love of medicine, illness, injuries, rescue, problem solving and travel!

Do you ever think you made the wrong choice?
Sometimes when I am writing a horrific essay (I am not keen on essays - do not let me put you off!) or I have had a really boring day of lectures where I am falling asleep, I wonder if it would have been easier to say in my leisure job as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. However, when I am out on the road, I absolutely love it. I love the teamwork and problem solving, and my favourite part is trying to stay calm and provide reassurance when people need it. Oh and cannulating, that is pretty fun too!

What is your university like compared to others?
I try to be really careful when I answer this question because I do not think I can make a comparison of my course to others BUT I do know what to look out for. Here are the important things to consider when choosing a uni:
The number of days you are in a week (I prefer longer days with less days in as I worked alongside my degree and I had to commute in, this enabled me to save money and earn money)
Do you want to live away or at home? I considered living away and would have if I did not get places at my two local universities. I like being at home a lot, and it worked really well for me. I was able to move out and live with my boyfriend half way through and feel like a 'real adult'. It is also a lot cheaper living at home, but you will definitely have a different experience living away, and probably make more solid friends and have a busier social life. Regardless of what you choose, it is only temporary for a few years!
The feel of the uni... Could you see yourself in the library, coffee shop, lecture halls. I loved my uni for the river which I walked along every day I drove into uni. If you go to a city uni, you may find that the campus is spread throughout the area, whilst a campus uni may have a different vibe. All things to consider;
What extras do you get? I mean this in a few different ways. Initially, I looked at scholarships and bursaries for uni, because why not! You might as well try and get something out of it. In the end, my uni offered £400 a year with the associated bookshop which meant I never had to buy textbooks (and I managed to buy 3 fitbits at the end with the money I did not spend!). Also, are there clubs, activities and socials? Most unis have them as social life at uni is important because otherwise it can end up quite lonely. Look at all the extra societies and clubs, even if you think you are not interested. It never hurts to educate yourself and you may find yourself setting up your own society if there is a gap in the market! A great way to make life-long friends!

So this concludes my FAQs Part 2. It is a little bit late out, sorry! I have actually graduated now and become a Paramedic! OMG... It has been sat in my drafts for ages! This is not the end though, I will still be posting extremely relevant stuff when I get a chance! Take care folks!! 


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