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Current Favourite Medical Television Shows

As a student paramedic, I cannot say that I get much time to watch television. In the evening when I do get a chance, I'm normally snoozing on the sofa within 30 seconds anyway, to be woken up by the end credits before taking myself to bed. Here are the shows that I often find myself watching or coming back to when I have the time. I generally use my lunch break, when I am at home, to watch half or a whole show, as a bit of a wind down from doing work.

Ski A&E - Sky (originally W) (maybe YouTube)?
I am a skiing bum (if you did not know) so of course I love Ski A&E! It is interesting to see how they rescue on the slopes and how their medical centres run with a large number of patients coming in. It shows a mixture of tourists being unlucky and/or stupid and other problems. I would definitely recommend this show, especially if you ski better than you walk (like me)!

Losing it: Our Mental Health Emergency - Channel 4 This is a four part documentary about a mental health service…