Current Favourite Medical Television Shows

As a student paramedic, I cannot say that I get much time to watch television. In the evening when I do get a chance, I'm normally snoozing on the sofa within 30 seconds anyway, to be woken up by the end credits before taking myself to bed. Here are the shows that I often find myself watching or coming back to when I have the time. I generally use my lunch break, when I am at home, to watch half or a whole show, as a bit of a wind down from doing work.

Ski A&E - Sky (originally W) (maybe YouTube)?
I am a skiing bum (if you did not know) so of course I love Ski A&E! It is interesting to see how they rescue on the slopes and how their medical centres run with a large number of patients coming in. It shows a mixture of tourists being unlucky and/or stupid and other problems. I would definitely recommend this show, especially if you ski better than you walk (like me)!

Losing it: Our Mental Health Emergency - Channel 4
This is a four part documentary about a mental health service showing a mixture of adults and paeds with varying illnesses. From postpartum psychosis to autism, this show discusses and shows the journey of a range of illnesses. I like to think that I know quite a lot about mental health after watching a lot of documentaries and doing my own research, but I learnt lots from this show and it was very thought provoking. This is a must watch if you are in healthcare or are interested in it!

Junior Doctors: On the Front Line - BBC
This show follows junior doctors around on their different placements within a hospital. A&E, geriatrics, gastro and more, this show delves deeply into the job, what junior doctors face and how they cope and grow as doctors. I love how it shows their personalities and background, and it really helps to give the whole picture. Another interesting show where I can understand the medical terminology that is being used when they talk!

Hospital - BBC
Another interesting show discussing how hospitals work. There are many different aspects this program explores, including how a terrorist attack is dealt with, how they change non EU patients and staffing and bed issues. I really love the behind-the-scenes that this show releases as I am just a generally nosey person who loves medical stuff!

Ambulance (and Ambulance Australia) - BBC
These are probably the most realistic shows in terms of the ambulance service. It tries to show a range of the different jobs we go to, however it is definitely not proportionate. I do, however, like the fact they follow around different ambulance services as you get a feel of the jobs and how location plays into that. For example, London is extremely urban and most patients are no further than a few miles from hospital (further on the outskirts), whereas there are lots of trusts who have a mixture of urban and rural locations, and there are LONG transfer times with patients which can be very stressful! This show is definitely better if you are looking for a slightly more representative view of the ambulance service, then this is it. I also like ambulance Australia as there is a bit of difference between the two.

Casualty - BBC
I almost did not include this, but how could I not?! I've been watching casualty every week since I was about 12, and I still love it. I do, however, point out the mistakes constantly throughout, which must really annoy my boyfriend who watches it with me (who is not in the medical field). It is cheesy and corny, but if you take it likely, it's great!!

This list probably looks like I watch a lot of television! However this is probably the extend of what I watch, which makes me a bit boring! I do not like sitting down for too long, and generally when the television comes on past 8pm, I end up fast asleep. I maximise my time by watching these shows whilst I am doing laundry, ironing or cooking which means I end up feeling less guilty watching stuff.

Have I missed any? Do you have any you can recommend to me? Let me know on Instagram!


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