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A Brutally Honest Day in the Life as an NQP

Here is a brutally honest review of my first day on the road as an NQP (not third manning). I definitely was not expecting it to start off how it did, but the day still went well. Enjoy! 5am - Alarm went off. Early mornings are not too bad for me anymore, I had got very used to getting up at 4.15am for my 6am starts and hour commute so 5am basically feels like a lie-in nowadays. I got up, got dressed, kitted my pockets with the masses of stuff I hold in my pockets and put the kettle on. I made mine and my boyfriends breakfast, packing mine in my bag (yogurt, fruit and oats) and sipped my tea. I retreated upstairs to put on some make-up, brush my hair and teeth and pack my bag. 6am - Left for work, very nervous. Since I found out I was on this shift I had been nervous in case I was working with someone entirely unqualified that I could not bat ideas off. I tried to calm my nerves with some music on my 45 minute drive to station.6.45am - Arrived at my station. I really like this satellit…

BSc Paramedic Science - Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2

Here is another post about the questions I get the most from my Instagram! I really appreciate all of your interactions and love our student paramedic community. Thank you for your continued support. On with the questions!

What is your name?
My name is Danii, short for Daniiella (and no - I did not spell it wrong... My parents blessed me with a uniquely spelt name which was definitely character building as a child!).

Why did you choose this route?
I am not sure if I have told my story about wanting to be a paramedic before, but anyway it is not that interesting. As a child I always loved science, especially medicine. I was the weird kid that would read all the health leaflets found in random places from smoking and cancers to meningitis and malaria (and freak myself out sometimes too). I was fascinated with different illnesses. My parents were both in the police force, with specialities, so I grew up with them working erratic shifts with lots of days on and a few days off. They made the…