Hi fellow studier!

Welcome to The University Diaries! I am your host, Danii, and I will be guiding you through my experience of university. Here I show you the good, the bad and the ugly parts of my degree, whilst juggling my busy life.

I am a Year 3 Paramedic Science student, studying in England. I am not the most academic, nor am I the most practical of students, however I do try really hard in the hope that I come out with a good degree! My hobbies are skiing, sailing, pole-dancing, cooking, gardening and camping, although during my degree crunch time these things normally get pushed aside.

You may know me from @theuniversityblogger on Instagram, where I aim to share real-time updates on life as a Paramedic Student. If you do follow me, you are probably aware that I live on a tidally restricted island, and I regularly get stuck by the tide (especially on night shift!). I am always willing to answer your questions, and generally I am just up for a chat! Feel free to send me a message regarding anything, especially if you have some ideas of blog posts - these can be pretty hard to come up with, whilst trying not to sound boring!

I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you enjoy your time on my blog! Enjoy!

Love Danii x x


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